Getreide vor blauem Sommerhimmel

Mühle Rüningen. Das Mehl. Qualität seit 1312.

We are the flour

Discover the valuable variety of products from Mühle Rüningen, featuring the finest wheat, rye and spelt. It is all processed into a complete range of flour products in tried-and-tested quality – using reliable methods that have been handed down over the generations. This combination of experience and innovative strength has turned Mühle Rüningen into one of the largest and most modern mills in the country. At the same time, we always work in partnership and on equal terms with producers, suppliers and our customers. The deep connection with the people and the various regions is especially reflected in the uncompromising focus on values and the sustainability strategy of a company that has always thought in terms of generations.

We are THE flour. Since 1312.